Adult Fitness

The Fitness Staff at the Channahon Park District are proud to offer you a group exercise program with a wide variety of classes for all fitness levels. Join our staff for a fun workout and continue your commitment to be fit.


Adult Fitness Registration Options

Option #1

Unlimited Class Pass:
Attend as many classes as you like with flexibility. The unlimited pass allows you to pick and choose which classes you want to attend from day to day and week to week. Try as many as you like and mix up your work outs. The unlimited passes are already discounted therefore additional discounts will not be applied. No senior discount on fitness classes.

Unlimited passes may be purchased by session. Each fall session is 6 weeks.
Per session fees: $158/$110 ResDisc
Fall 1 August 17-September 25
Fall 2 September 28-November 6
Fall 3 November 9-December 18

Option #2

Program Registration:
Simply register for the specific class or classes that you plan to attend. Fitness Center members will receive 20% off of their individual program registration.

Option #3

Walk In:
Not sure of your schedule or which classes you prefer? Drop ins are welcome and allow you to pick and choose which classes to attend.

Fee for most classes $7/$5ResDisc
Pilates/Yoga $8/$6ResDisc
Indoor Cycling/Zumba/Pound $9/$7ResDisc
Dimension Fitness Center Members save $1 on the walk in fee.


Session 3 info coming soon!!

Fall session 2 begins September 28-November 6
Arrowhead Community Center & Heritage Crossing Field House

Click here for more information

Fall Fitness 2


2020 Adult Fitness Classes

Click on the title of the class for more information

50+ Fitness
Ages 50 years & up
Get Strong and Fit!!! Light aerobic movement will get your blood flowing and body moving. Strength exercises build muscle and combat osteoporosis while stretching keeps you lean and flexible. Instructed by Teryl Lundeen.

Barre’ Strength
Ages 14 years & up
A fun and challenging workout that fuses the principles and techniques of standing Barre’ work. A total body workout with equal focus on range of motion and muscle strength with repetition and mind/body connection. Instructed by Annmarie Anfield.

Cardio Kickboxing with Intervals
Ages 14 years & up
Participants will kickbox for cardiovascular fitness combined with strength training intervals. Instructed by Annmarie Anfield.

Circuit Strength
Ages 14 years & up
An early morning total body workout using a variety of equipment and your own body weight. Instructed by Annmarie Anfield.

Forever Fit
Ages 14 years & up
Total body strength training and conditioning workout utilizing a variety of techniques and fitness equipment. This full body workout will include balance exercises, stretching, strength training and light cardio to challenge core strength, build without bulk and improve flexibility to be forever fit. Instructed by Chris McCabe.

Gentle Yoga
Ages 14 years & up
A gentler form of yoga. A slower paced practice that makes it more accessible to participants of all ages and fitness levels. This class will remove all fears and challenges in doing yoga. Instructed by Teryl Lundeen.

H.I.I.T (High Intensity Interval Training)
Ages 14 years & up
Combine aerobic exercises with strength training intervals to maximize metabolism in a fun, upbeat environment. Alternating between longer periods of high intensity exercise with brief periods of rest helps to improve cardiovascular and overall health. Low and high impact modifications are always provided allowing persons from beginner to intermediate to advanced fitness levels to benefit from this effective full body workout. Instructed by Meredith Bushnell.

Indoor Cycling
Ages 14 years & up
Indoor Cycling classes offer high energy stationary bike workouts that enhance cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength. Participants select personal intensity levels through cadence and resistance control. Instructed by Sherri Mason.

Indoor Cycling “Ab”Solution Ride
40 minute stationary bike ride followed by 20 minutes of abdominal work. Instructed by Sherri Mason.

Ages 14 years & up
Pilates, Pilates, nothin’ but Pilates. Build your core including, abdominal muscles, oblique muscles and the muscles of your back while performing fundamental Pilates exercises. Instructed by Sherri Mason.

Pilates & Balance
Ages 14 years & up
Focus on developing your core including abdominal muscles, oblique muscles and the muscles of your back. Participants will perform fundamental Pilates exercises and then extend their practice to include movements to enhance balance. Instructed by Sherri Mason.

Pilates Strength
Ages 14 years & up
Pilates movements incorporated with weights and apparatus to target the core and so much more. Instructed by Annmarie Anfield.

Power Yoga
Ages 14 years & up
A yoga class designed to build strength, endurance and flexibility. A class designed to flow at a pace to keep participant fluid and energized as you challenge your mind and body. Instructed by Annmarie Anfield.

Ages 14 years & up
Enjoy an easy moving workout incorporating traditional yoga techniques to increase strength and flexibility. Participants will benefit from increased relaxation, reduced stress, improved focus and the release of tension. Instructed by Teryl Lundeen.

Yoga Mix
This class is designed around yoga moves with a full body workout. Yoga pilates, power yoga and the use of bands to create a reformer pilates workout. Core is always working and engaged. The focus is on strengthening while keeping proper alignment. Some days will be fast paced while others will be focusing on specific muscle groups. Instructed by Kerri Courtright.

Yoga with Weights
Ages 14 years & up
A complete total body workout using light weights giving your yoga class some extra muscle and calorie burning power while still creating length and focus like a traditional yoga class. Instructed by Annmarie Anfield.

Ages 14 years & up
Zumba takes the ‘work’ out of workout by mixing low intensity and high intensity, easy-to-follow moves, with Latin rhythms, for a one-of-a-kind experience. Come join the party! Instructed by Sarah Short.

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