UPDATE January 22, 2021

The Illinois Department of Public Health announced that Will County, located in Region 7 of the Restore Illinois Plan, is entering Tier 1 of the Resurgence Mitigations.

Indoor and outdoor programs/gatherings resume in Tier 1, limited to lesser of 25 guests or 25% overall capacity indoors and outdoors. All of the activities and programs we are currently offering meet this criteria. Dimensions Fitness Center has increased the maximum capacity to 25 in the fitness center and 15 on the indoor track. Click here for more information about reserving a spot at Dimensions Fitness Center.

NEW – We are now offering Pickleball at Heritage Crossing Field House. Pickleball courts will be available Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 9:30am-12:30pm; and Sundays 8:00-11:00am. You must make a reservation to play, no drop ins.

Beginning January 25, 2021 Arrowhead Community Center hours:
Monday-Thursday  8:00am – 6:30pm
Friday  8:00am-12:00pm
Saturday & Sunday  Closed




UPDATE September 25, 2020 – Return to In-Person Program Guidelines

Return to in-person program guidelines are set forth for returning to any Channahon Park District program, event, or facility in reference to COVID-19. Information is subject to change, and not to be taken as legal or medical advice. All testing to be done is elective and paid for at the cost of the participant.

The Channahon Park District (District) is dedicated to providing a safe environment for our employees, patrons, volunteers, trainers, independent contractors and vendors (individual). Therefore, the District is implementing and administering the procedures and protocols set forth as a top priority to mitigate the spread of the COVID-virus.  These procedures and protocols are established from information provided by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity (DCEO) and the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH).

These protocols are subject to change as more information becomes available. Further, participants and patrons should understand that the guidelines below are prepared as an outline highlighting key changes where participants/patrons will have an active role rather that a comprehensive overview of each and every step the District is taking to limit the risk of potential exposure to COVID-19.

How COVID-19 Spreads
While much is unknown about COVID-19, including how it spreads, public health agencies and epidemiologists generally agree that COVID-19 spreads through respiratory droplets that are produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes and can land in the mouths or noses of people who are generally within 6 feet of one another. The droplets that remain in the air can also be inhaled into the lungs of a person walking by. Another way COVID-19 can be spread is by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose or possibly their eyes.

Definition of “Close Contact”
The Centers for Disease Control defines “close contact” as when any individual who is within 6 feet of an infected person for at least 15 minutes starting from two days before illness onset (or, for asymptomatic patients, 2 days prior to positive specimen collection) until the time the patient is isolated.

Symptoms of COVID-19
People with COVID-19 can have a wide range of symptoms ranging from mild to severe illness. Symptoms typically appear 2-14 days after exposure to the virus. Symptoms can consist of a cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever of 100.4 or higher, chills, fatigue, headache, congestions, runny nose, muscle or body aches, sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. The list does not include all possible symptoms.

Individuals are encouraged to seek a COVID-19 test at a state or local government testing center, healthcare center, or other testing location. If an individual is showing any of these emergency signs, contact 911 immediately: trouble breathing, persistent pain or pressure in the chest, new confusion, inability to wake or stay awake, bluish lips or face, any other symptoms whether COVID-19 related or not that appear to be a medical emergency.


Wellness Self-Check (Applies to All Park District Activities and Facilities)
Individuals should perform a self-check for symptoms of the virus prior to arriving and/or bringing their child to a District event or program. We advise that participants’ temperatures are taken at home just prior to arriving to the program or facility.

Wellness Self-Check Questions:

  1. Are you or anyone in your household experiencing the following: fever of 100.4 or higher, cough, shortness of breath, sore throat, chills, muscle or body aches, fatigue, headaches (not related to caffeine, diet, hunger, migraines, or tension), new loss of taste or smell, congestion or runny nose, nausea or vomiting, and diarrhea?
  1. In the last 14 days, have you or anyone in your household been in close contact with anyone that has tested positive for or been diagnosed with COVID-19 or has symptoms of COVID-19?
  1. Have you or anyone in your household tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 14 days?

If the answer is “YES” to any of the above questions: You should not attend the program/facility and should notify the Channahon Park District as soon as possible at 815-467-7275.


Notification of Exposure (Applies to all participants in Park District Activities and Facilities)
To be able to protect everyone, we ask that individuals immediately contact the District to report any of the following conditions during the past 14 days:

  • When the individual has been in close contact to someone with COVID-19 during the past 14 days,
  • When the individual has symptoms of COVID-19,
  • When the individual has been diagnosed with COVID-19, whether through a positive test or symptom- based diagnosis.

In the event of an individual being diagnosed with COVID-19, parents/guardians/participants who had close contact with the individual diagnosed with COVID-19 will be notified and be required to refrain from programming for a 14-day self-quarantine period from the date of last contact with the positive case.


When a Participant May Return (Click here to see Returning to In-Person Programs, Events, and Facilities chart)


Health Hygiene and Infection Control Prevention Practices
All participants, employees, volunteers, visitors, contractors, and patrons will:

  • Wash their hands with soap and water frequently for the recommended 20 seconds. This includes after touching items and surfaces, after using the restroom, coughing, sneezing, before eating or food preparation, after putting on or removing mask or face covering, before and after using shared items.
  • Wear masks or face coverings over their nose and mouth when entering the premises and when in the presence others. This includes common areas such as hallways, stairways, restrooms, classrooms/programming space, waiting areas, bleachers. Modifications can be made for people with medical conditions or disabilities that prevent them from safely wearing a face covering so long as the modification does not create a direct threat of safety for others. Brief exception for participants wearing masks or face coverings are made when eating, playing a wind instrument, or when outside. During these periods, participants will be required to adhere to social distancing.
  • Maintain a distance of 6-feet apart from other individuals. However, personal trainers must maintain 10 ft. distance while training clients.
  • Cover their mouth and nose with a tissue or use the inside of the elbow when coughing or sneezing. Trash containers are located throughout the facility. Avoid touching the eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Use hand sanitizer regularly.

In addition, the District will:

  • Engage in daily cleaning and sanitizing of high touch areas and surfaces at the facility, and deep cleaning and sanitizing when necessary.
  • Limit the number of people allowed to gather in rooms and communal areas at a time.
  • Use signs, tape marks, or other visual cues on the floor, placed 6 feet apart, to indicate where to stand for people in common areas and entrances.
  • Install barriers for employees that interact with the public and work areas with close workstations.
  • Post signage to encourage proper hygiene practices.
  • Take other safety measures as needed to enforce its COVID-19 related policies and procedures.

Pick-up Protocol
If an individual exhibit any of these symptoms while attending a program/facility, the individual will be directed to wait in an isolated outdoor area. If inclement weather makes this unsafe, the individual will be directed to an isolated area inside and away from others. At all times, the minor individual will be supervised. The parent/guardian will be called and must pick-up their child within thirty (30) minutes of notification. The parent/guardian should wait at the designated pick-up area. Transportation will not be provided for participants.



UPDATE July 30, 2020 – New Sports Guidelines Released

Due to the restrictions and guidance we recently received from the State of Illinois, we, unfortunately, have to cancel our youth soccer and flag football leagues for this fall. All payments made for these two programs will be refunded to your Park District account to be applied toward future programs and activities. If you choose to have your payment refunded from your account, click here to submit the refund form. We are currently working on creating skills and drills camps, that are in compliance with the state guidelines, for each sport and will post updates once we have those finalized. We appreciate the support we have received from our community during this time.

Click here to view the new sports guidelines.





For more information
Email – questions@channahonpark.org
Call 815-467-7275
Facebook message – https://www.facebook.com/channahon.parkdistrict/



May-December 2020 Updates

UPDATE December 4, 2020

As our area continues to remain in Tier 3 of the Restore Illinois plan and no clear sign that we’ll return to Tier 2 soon, we have unfortunately canceled all programs through the end of the year. In addition, our youth basketball leagues scheduled to begin in January have also been cancelled. We currently have classes, camps, and skills and drills clinics lined up and ready to go as soon as we are allowed to re-open our gym so check back often for updates! We also have two new ‘COVID friendly’ events being planned for mid December, as soon as the details are ready we’ll post the information to our website and social media accounts. Please note: Kids Connection Preschool is still running as it follows the school guidelines given by the state.


UPDATE November 17, 2020

On Tuesday, November 17, Governor J.B. Pritzker announced that the State of Illinois will move to Tier 3 of resurgence mitigations beginning Friday, November 20 at 12:01 am. This change will have an impact on park district services and programs.


Arrowhead Community Center New Hours

  • Beginning November 23 Arrowhead Community Center hours will be Monday-Friday, 8:00am – 12:00pm.


Dimensions Fitness Center & Fitness Classes

  • Dimensions Fitness Center will be limited to 25% of capacity with only the fitness equipment area (limited to 15) and indoor track (limited to 10) available for use.
  • Face coverings must be worn at all times, including while engaged in individual exercise.
  • Reservations are required to use the fitness center or indoor track (you must be a member to make a reservation) Click here to make your reservation.
    • Please note: If you have not registered for Park District activities through our online registration system previously you will be prompted to create an account. You must use your email that is on file at the Park District when creating a new account, otherwise you will be unable to make a reservation.  If you’re unsure what email is on file call 815-467-8015, we’re happy to help.
    • Reservations are required to aid in COVID contact tracing and ensure we do not exceed capacity limits.
  • Locker rooms will be closed.
  • No indoor group fitness classes will be allowed


Organized group recreational activities

  • Indoor group activities will be paused or cancelled.
  • Outdoor sports and recreation is allowed, however groups are limited to 10 persons or less with social distancing and face coverings are required at all times.


Parks & Outdoor activities

  • Outdoor group activities are limited to 10 persons or less.
  • Participants and guests must wear face coverings at all times.
  • Parks and playgrounds will remain open at this time.
  • Tennis nets will remain up.


Meetings, events and gatherings

  • Indoor rentals and parties are not permitted during Tier 3.


Participants will be refunded or credited for any cancelled programs, rentals, and events.



UPDATE November 12, 2020

As COVID-19 numbers are continuing to increase in our area we are requiring all participants in Park District activities to wear a mask. Please review our Return to In Person Guidelines found below. We appreciate your cooperation so that we are able to continue to serve our community in the safest way possible.


UPDATE May 2020

In accordance with Governor Pritzker’s Executive Order extending the shelter in place to May 30, all programs, services and facilities are suspended through May 30 with the exception of The Bluffs (Heritage Bluffs Public Golf Club). The Bluffs opened May 1 with restrictions, click here for more information. Arrowhead Community Center will open June 1, Monday-Friday, 8am-4pm. Tomahawk Aquatic Center will not open in 2020.

Refunds will automatically be credited to your account for programs cancelled due to COVID-19. If you would like a refund check or credit applied to your credit card instead please click here to fill out a refund request form. Please note – it may take up to 2 weeks to process refunds

We WILL be offering summer day camps (Camp Heritage, and Teen Camp). Staff are reviewing the recently released guidelines from the state and will have more information available soon.  The following is what is set for camps:

  • Day Camps will begin July 6, and run Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:30 pm
  • There will be no field trips (per Restore Illinois Plan, Day Camps Guidelines)
  • There will be no swim days (Tomahawk Aquatic Center will not open in 2020 & field trips are not allowed)
  • There will be a 5 days a week option only, we will not be offering a daily option
  • We will be unable to accept as many campers as we have in the past, registration priority will be to those on the deposit list (see deposit link below) in the order the deposit is received.
  • Those that have paid the deposit (see deposit link below) will be contacted the week of June 1 with more camp details and a deadline to register. If any spots remain registration will open up to all.

Click here to reserve your child’s spot in summer day camps with a $50 deposit.

Memberships on EFT (Electronic Fund Transfers)

  • Dimensions Fitness Center – EFTs aren’t being processed through mid-June.
  • Kids Connection Preschool – EFTs for April & May were not processed
  • After the Bell – EFTs for April & May were not processed.
  • Adult Fitness classes – EFTs aren’t being processed through mid-June

Annual Memberships & Programs
(Paid in full)

  • Dimensions Fitness Center – annual memberships will be extended by 3 months from the expiration date on file. An additional extension will occur if the facility must remain closed longer.
  • Kids Connection Preschool – credited or refunded based on classes cancelled.
  • After the Bell – credited or refunded based on classes cancelled.


Channahon Park District will be monitoring developments closely and will update our plans for resuming operations and other related details on our website and on our social media outlets.

For more information
Email – questions@channahonpark.org
Call 815-467-7275 (phones monitored by staff Monday-Friday, 9am-2pm or leave a message)
Facebook message – https://www.facebook.com/channahon.parkdistrict/
Our staff are also complying with the ‘stay at home’ order, so it may take a bit longer than normal to respond.







May 22, 2020 Message from the Board of Commissioners & Staff

This message is to update you on Park District operations hoping that you and your family are doing well and staying safe during this difficult time. This continues to be an unprecedented time for our community, state, and nation. The health and safety of our residents and guests continue to be our top priority.

When the Governor issued his first Stay-At-Home order, the Park District responded and closed non-essential operations in accordance with the Executive Order. As you know, Governor Pritzker extended that original Stay-At-Home order through May 30, 2020, and also released “Restore Illinois”, a 5 phased plan to reopen our state. Given this extension and phased Plan, the Channahon Park District will continue to provide modified services. All park district facilities, playgrounds, basketball courts, splash pad, skate park and other recreation facilities remain closed. Our parks and trails remain open and The Bluffs has tee times available for play. Social distancing is to be practiced at all times and facial masks are required if six feet of guest distancing cannot be achieved.

Due to this pandemic, the District has made difficult decisions regarding our events and facilities. It is with regret that I announce we have canceled our Independence Day Celebration on July 4th, 2020. There may be opportunities for us to provide new smaller events, but given the limits on crowds this large event is simply not possible. Additionally, Tomahawk Aquatic Center will not open this summer and Skateland Recreation Center will not offer open skates on Friday nights through the summer. This was a very difficult decision to make but based on the safety of our staff and patrons, it’s not feasible to open these facilities. All guests that have already purchased season passes to Tomahawk Aquatic Center will be given the option to carry it over to the 2021 season or request a refund.

A full listing of the status of our programs, services, and facilities can be found below. Please refer back to this site and our social media for further updates and information.

On behalf of the Board of Commissioners and staff of the Channahon Park District, thank you for your patience and understanding. We consider it our privilege to serve you in parks and recreation. We are all anxiously awaiting the time when you can visit Arrowhead Community Center again, work out at Dimensions Fitness Center, participate in our programs, and play on the playgrounds. When that time comes, we will be here, and ready to provide you with memorable experiences in parks and recreation.

Stay safe and healthy!

March 31, 2020 Update

As the ‘stay at home’ order has been extended to April 30 we will be sending out an update tomorrow afternoon with information about programs, rentals and event cancellations and refunds.

Parks and trails remain open but social distancing must be maintained, including when you are walking, jogging, cycling, and nature viewing. Please enjoy these activities but DO NOT congregate (gather in groups) when visiting parks, and please practice social distancing by staying 6 feet away from others. Click here for more information about Park District parks. Please note: there is some construction going on near Arroyo Trail’s trailhead which may cause the trailhead to be closed temporarily. There is a second access point to the trail (about 50 feet to the right of the trailhead entrance) where you can access the trail.

We will do our best to continue communicating to you during this ever changing situation. Thank you for your help and understanding!​


March 26, 2020 Update

Update on Spring Soccer:
At this time we are NOT cancelling our Spring Soccer league. We are monitoring the outbreak and will likely be postponing the start of the season. Please keep an eye on our website and your emails as we will update everyone once a decision has been made about when the season will start based on the shelter-in-place and CDC guidelines.



March 20, 2020 Update

As mandated by Governor Pritzker, the Channahon Park District staff will be complying with the ‘stay at home’ order.  Communication to our patrons will be limited during this time, please be patient as we all do our part to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

When we are able to reopen we will notify patrons regarding credits for programs and memberships. Currently all monthly EFTs are suspended.

All playgrounds are closed. We will be covering our basketball rims in our parks to discourage play. Basketball is a sport that does not adhere to social distancing.

Check back frequently for updates on our website and social media.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

March 19, 2020 Update

As we’re all adjusting and re-adjusting to our rapidly evolving situation we’ve made a few communication adjustments. Beginning today, March 19, 2020, we’ve reduced staff monitoring our main phone at 815-467-7275, to Monday-Friday, 9:00 am-12:00 pm. We haven’t been receiving many calls and this helps us reduce staff needed in our administrative offices as we’re further reducing staff contact with each other. Click here for a listing of our staff direct phone numbers and emails. If you’re not sure who to contact you can send an email to questions@channahonpark.org and we’ll forward your email to the appropriate staff person. You can also send us a message via Facebook.

If you’re looking for something to do check out the opportunities we have going on at the Park District:

  • Golf at Heritage Bluffs Public Golf Club – The Bluffs will remain open with limited service. Click here for information.
  • Check out our Facebook page where you’ll find fun activities and games (some have prizes!)
  • Take some time at one of our local parks and playgrounds. Please remember to practice safe social distancing while playing at parks. If the park area or playground already has 10+ at it, please wait patiently for a few people to leave.
    • Tennis and basketball courts at Central & Community Parks
    • Disc golf at Community Park
    • Hike the Exelon Generation Trail at Arroyo Trails
    • Click here for more information on our local parks’ locations and amenities.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!

March 16, 2020 Update

5:00 PM

Based on the rapidly evolving situation with COVID-19 and recommendations from the Illinois Department of Public Health to limit public gatherings, Channahon Park District is closing our facilities Tuesday, March 17, until further notice. This is in addition to cancelling and suspending all programs and activities.

Arrowhead Community Center will be open 6:00 am to 7:00 pm on Tuesday, March 17 for voting only.

Heritage Bluffs Public Golf Club will remain open with limited service. Click here for information on The Bluffs.

You will be refunded or credited for any cancelled programs, rentals and events. We will evaluate memberships and based on length of closure determine a manner in which to compensate members.

Our customer service staff will be available via phone at 815-467-7275 Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm.

We will re-evaluate the situation Monday, March 30, 2020

Thank you for your understanding and for working with us as we all do our part to prevent and slow the spread of this virus. Please remember that the best way to combat this is to follow the CDC recommendations to wash your hands, stay home if ill, cover your cough and sneeze, and avoid crowds. We will do our best to communicate to you during this rapidly evolving situation. Thank you for your help and understanding.

Channahon Park District Board of Commissioners and Staff


10:30 AM

In an effort to protect our community from the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), effective today, March 16, 2020, the Channahon Park District has suspended all programs until further notice. Listed below are the only programs running today:

  • Kids Connection Preschool, Me Too, Lunch Bunch and Young Writers’ Workshop will be held today, March 16, and suspended beginning March 17, 2020.
  • Cartwheels & Kickovers will be held today at the Joliet Park District’s Multi-Purpose Center E. Gym.
  • After the Bell will be held today, March 16, for those currently registered only and suspended beginning March 17, 2020
  • Group Fitness classes will be held today, March 16, classes will be suspended beginning March 17, 2020.

Arrowhead Community Center, Heritage Crossing Field House, Dimensions Fitness Center and Heritage Bluffs Public Golf Club are all currently open as of 10:30 am today.

We will post an update today, March 16, at approximately 5:00 pm that will include additional information including refunds, credits and facility closures/hours.

Per the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the primary way to avoid influenza, COVID-19, and other viruses is to follow simple everyday preventive actions.

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.

If you are at higher risk for serious illness from COVID-19 because of your age or because you have a serious long-term health problem, it is extra important for you to take actions to reduce your risk of getting sick with the disease.

  • Stock up on supplies.
  • Take everyday precautions to keep space between yourself and others.
  • When you go out in public, keep away from others who are sick, limit close contact and wash your hands often.
  • Avoid crowds as much as possible.
  • Avoid non-essential air travel.
  • If there is a COVID-19 outbreak in your community, stay home as much as possible to further reduce your risk of being exposed.

For the latest information on COVID-19 visit the CDC website at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-nCoV/index.html


March 13, 2020 Update

The Channahon Park District is carefully monitoring developments regarding the global spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus). While the immediate risk of this new virus to our community is believed to be low at this time, everyone can do their part in response to this emerging public health threat.

Cancellations (as of March 13, 2020)

Per the directive of Governor Pritzker we will have the following cancellations:

Youth Basketball Tournament scheduled for Saturday, March 14, 2020 is cancelled.
Kids Connection Preschool will be closed March 17 until March 30. Dates are subject to change and re-evaluation.

All other programs and facilities will be held/open as scheduled through March 16, 2020.

The Channahon Park District will evaluate all other facilities and programs Monday, March 16, 2020 and will issue a statement Monday afternoon. 

What you can do–

Per the Center for Disease Control (CDC), the primary way to avoid influenza, COVID-19, and other viruses is to follow simple everyday preventive actions.

  • Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, especially after going to the bathroom; before eating; and after blowing your nose, coughing, or sneezing. If soap and water are not available, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol.
  • Stay home when you are sick.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands.
  • Avoid close contact with people who are sick.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.


The Channahon Park District is following the most current recommendations by the CDC for preventing the potential spread of infection including– 

  • As a matter of standard practice, the custodial staff members disinfect bathrooms and clean classrooms, floors, fitness equipment, and frequently touched surfaces daily.
  • Additional disinfecting will be done by staff members throughout the day. More powerful, and safe products will be used overnight if deemed necessary.
  • Hand sanitizer will be placed in all District facilities as supplies last.

For the latest information on COVID-19 visit the CDC websiteExternal Link.

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