Pavilion Reservations

The Channahon Park District accepts resident reservations for picnic pavilions at Central and Community Parks for a $40 fee ($50 for Maple and Linden Pavilions). Nonresident reservation fee is $100 ($125 for Maple and Linden Pavilions). Payment is required when the reservation is made.

ALCOHOL IS ALLOWED AT THE PAVILIONS ONLY WITH A PERMIT. Depending on the size of the group and activities planned, extra fees and liability insurance may be required.

*To receive a refund ($5.00 processing fee for check and credit card refunds) cancellations must be made 10 days prior to the event and a refund request form must be filled out.

For specific information on pavilion locations, permits and other amenities contact the Channahon Park District at 815-521-3005.

PLEASE NOTE: The 2021 pavilion reservation date begins Saturday, January 16, 2021 for residents and Monday, February 1, 2021 for nonresidents.



COMMUNITY PARK: on McClintock Rd., 1 mile east of I-55

Maple   (24’x40’)

Walnut  (22’x24’) with electric

Lions      (22’x24’) with electric

Oak        (22’x24’)

Pavilions not adjacent to parking areas may not have vehicles driven to them for any purpose.  Your group should plan to carry in and out all food, supplies, etc.

CENTRAL PARK: at 24856 W. Eames St. (Rt. 6)

Spruce  (22’x24’) with electric

Pine       (22’x24’)

Linden  (24’x36’) with electric


Other guidelines to help us serve all park users fairly:

  1. Live or amplified music is not allowed
  2. Only the Spruce pavilion can accommodate a rented tent or an inflatable device. Liability insurance is required for these amenities.
  3. Pets must be leashed at all times, and you are required to clean up after them.
  4. Glass containers, due to the possibility of breakage and subsequent injury, are not allowed.
  5. Please place all trash in appropriate receptacles at the conclusion of your day. Recycling containers for aluminum are provided for your convenience.
  6. We discourage the use of piñatas and water balloons, because of the difficult cleanup.

Both parks have ball fields, tennis, basketball and volleyball courts, horseshoe pits and additional picnic tables and grills.  These facilities are open to all park visitors and only the ball fields can be reserved.  For specific information, pavilion locations, permits and other amenities, contact the Channahon Park District at 815-521-3005.

To receive a refund (minus a $5.00 processing fee for check and credit card payments) cancellation must be made at least 10 days prior to your event along with a refund request form.

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