Dimensions Fitness Center


​Dimensions Fitness Center is located in the Heritage Crossing Field House. This innovative 3000 square foot facility will provide fitness enthusiasts and those just getting started the tools to build a healthy lifestyle. Fitness staff are available to assist you with your workout needs, including member orientations, answering questions and assisting with fitness program development.



Monday-Thursday 6:00am – 9:00pm
Friday 6:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday & Sunday 7:00am – 5:00pm

Holiday Adjusted Hours
Saturday, July 4  Closed
Sunday, July 5  9:00am – 1:00pm
Thursday, November 26 (Thanksgiving)  6:00am – 1:00pm
Thursday, December 24  6:00am – 1:00pm
Friday, December 25  CLOSED
Thursday, December 31  6:00am – 1:00pm
Friday, January 1  9:00am – 5:00pm


Member Guidelines 

  1. Members should call 815-467-8015 for available capacity before going to the facility. Maximum capacity is 50.
  2. Members should wear face coverings over their nose and mouth whenever not exercising (exceptions can be made for people with medical conditions or disabilities that prevent them from safely wearing a face covering)
  3. Before allowing entrance to the fitness center, gym or walking track members will be required to answer questions as to whether or not they are currently exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. If a member does have symptoms, they should wait to enter premises until they have had no fever for at least 72 hours, other symptoms have improved, and at least 10 days have passed since their symptoms first appeared.
  4. Members should clean and sanitize equipment before and after each use.
  5. Members should maintain 6-ft. of distance during exercise
  6. Equipment should not be shared between members at the same time unless from the same household.


COVID-19 adjustments on memberships (Annual & EFT)

Annual memberships – the time period that Dimensions FItness Center was closed due to COVID-19 will be added to the end of the membership.
EFT memberships – The first, second, third or fourth Monday of the month member has been typically charged will continue, starting with the third Monday in July (July 20, 2020). There were no EFT charges the first or second Monday in July 2020.



Membership Rates

Please note the fitness center, indoor track and gymnasium are available for members only, we are currently not offering daily drop ins.

Dimensions Fitness Center Rates

Training Opportunities

Personal Training & Health Coach Sessions

Work one-on-one with an experienced certified personal trainer to design a customized exercise program to meet your fitness goals. Training for a sporting competition, working on personal goal or post rehabilitation training our personal trainers are here to help. Personal training sessions are one hour in length. Call Heritage Crossing Field House at 815-467-8015 to get started! (Non-member personal training and partner personal training are available for the regular personal training rates plus 10%)

Individual Training – 1 Hour Sessions
Personal Training 1 Pack-$38
Personal Training 5 Pack-$175
Personal Training 10 Pack-$320
Personal Training 20 Pack-$610
Personal Training Renewal 5 Pack-$165
Personal Training Renewal 10 Pack-$310
Personal Training Renewal 20 Pack-$600

Individual Training – 30 Minute  Sessions
Personal Training 5 Pack-$95
Personal Training 10 Pack-$170


Sport Specific Training

If you want to improve sport performance, the cardinal rule is: BE MORE SPECIFIC. Your best gains in performance will be achieved when key parts of your training closely mimic what you do when you compete. The more specific your training, the greater impact on your performance. Christi Smith, ACE Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Youth Conditioning Specialist, will use dynamic mobility exercises, reactive or speed-strength training, plyometrics, weight training, evaluations (to pinpoint weaknesses), specific and general strength/conditioning exercises to access and improve performance needed for your sport.

1 hour session $33
2nd sibling discount $18
Package Pricing: 5 pack $145
2nd sibling discount $75

Circuit Training

Experience an all in one workout utilizing cardio and strength equipment at Dimensions Fitness Center in both a structured and unstructured format. A time clock will be available during all open hours for individual circuit training. This program is included in your fitness center membership.


Meet Our Wellness Team!

Robyn Bumgarner – Personal Trainer & Health Coach

Robyn BumgarnerRobyn is an ACE-certified personal trainer and health coach. Additionally, she is certified as a weight management specialist and yoga instructor.

A long-term breast cancer survivor, Robyn understands on a very personal level the importance of creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Formerly obese and sedentary, Robyn has maintained an 80-lb weight loss for more than 15 years. Robyn discovered her inner athlete in her early 30s, and today is an avid endurance runner, exercise fanatic, and nutrition enthusiast.

Robyn believes that good health is not a destination, but rather a journey with many possible paths. She understands first-hand the hard work that goes into choosing, planning, and implementing a healthy lifestyle. She is ready to meet you exactly where you are with a tailored program for you to channel your inner athlete and discover a stronger, healthier you!

Kelly Fayman – Personal Trainer
Kelly FaymanKelly Fayman has been working in the fitness industry for over 18 years and boasts an impressive collection of certifications that include personal training, group fitness, kettle bells, TRX, and Mad Dog Spin. Personally has finished in both a marathon and a half ironman along with numerous road races and triathlons. Kelly is capable of working with all types of clients, but particularly enjoys older adults. She finds it incredibly rewarding to help people gain and maintain functional fitness necessary to carry out daily tasks such as carrying groceries, climbing stairs, and reducing the risk of falls. Kelly also loves to watch her clients set goals and achieve them! If you’re ready to work towards you’re fitness goals, Kelly is ready to personalize a plan just for you!


Youth Fitness Requirements

Participants must be in High school or older to work out in the fitness center alone. 7th and 8th grade students may workout on track or fitness center while accompanied by a parent. 5th and 6th grade students may workout on the track only while accompanied by a parent.


Basketball Open Gym

The Channahon Park District will host basketball open gym at various times throughout the week. A schedule is available at the Field House service desk. All ages welcome. Parental supervision required for children 10 and under.

Call 815-467-8015 for open gym dates & times.

Fee/Res Disc Drop-in Fee: $5/$4
Dimensions Fitness Center members are free, but can only attend during age appropriate time slots.


Equipment Orientation

All members will receive three complimentary fitness center appointments with their fitness center memberships. Orientations will be offered individually by appointment with our trained fitness staff. Please call ahead for staff availability.


Heritage Crossing Track Club

Walk or Run your way to better health! Set a goal when you sign up and we’ll help you reach it. We’ll keep track of your miles each week so you can check your progress. Adjust your goal each month.


Walk/Run Track

Three lane suspended walk/run track is available for community use. Nine laps around the track equals one mile. The surface is made of a rubberized cushioned material to help absorb impact. Memberships are available for track use or participants may pay a daily use fee. Use of track is included in the Fitness Center membership.


Track Closings

The Channahon Junior High PE classes use the Track during the school year. The track will be closed to members and guests from 8:00-11:00am and from 12:15-2:30pm on the dates posted. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.


Locker Rooms

Men’s and women’s locker rooms are available on the lower level of the Field House. Daily use lockers are available at no charge. Locks must be removed daily. A limited number of lockers are available to reserve for an extra charge.


Group Fitness Classes Available!

Dimensions Fitness Center Members receive 20% discount on fitness classes.

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