Preschool Athletics

Parent Tot Tumbling

Ages 2 years with adult
This is a great class for you and your child to spend some time together with no distractions. We will introduce your child to the world of tumbling in a safe and structured environment. Children will learn some gross motor skills such as rolling, jumping, crawling, climbing and balance.

Location: Heritage Crossing Field House
Res/Nonres: $44/$56
Min/Max: 5/10

Date Day Time
Mar 30-May 11* SA 9-9:45 AM
May 18-June 29* SA 9-9:45 AM

*No class April 20 or May 25

Preschool Tumbling

Ages 3-5 years
This is a great way to introduce your child to or further develop their skills to the exciting world of tumbling. Participants will learn to do forward and backward rolls, straddle rolls and cartwheels in a safe and structured environment. Advanced participants will master these skills while learning handstands, balance and rhythm. While learning tumbling skills participants will also improve their coordination, improve social interaction with peers and build self-esteem.

Location: Heritage Crossing Field House
Res/Nonres: $44/$56
Min/Max: 5/10

Date Day Time
Mar 30-May 11* SA 10-10:45 AM
May 18-June 29* SA 10-10:45 AM

*No class April 20 or May 25

Challenge Tennis Academy

Channahon Park District welcomes Challenge Fitness of Lockport to run tennis lessons and programs. The tennis pros of Challenge Fitness are certified and teach tennis year round to all levels and ages. Feel free to contact Challenge Fitness at 815-838-3621 with any questions.

Quick Start Tiny Tot Tennis

Ages 3-5 years
The primary focus is on fun, hand-eye coordination and games.

Location: Central Park Tennis Courts
Res/Nonres: $24/$33
Min/Max: 4/10

Date Day Time
Apr 17-May 8 W 5:00-5:30 PM


Roller Skating/Blading Lessons

Ages 4-12 years (grouped based on ability)
Help your child learn to enjoy this healthy, lifelong activity by ensuring that they learn how to skate in a relaxed, encouraging environment. In just a few weeks, your child will be skating like a pro! Class is taught to match the pace of the students and will cover basic skating movements, the safest way to fall, and some fun games to get the kids excited. Free wifi available while parents wait. Register by the Monday before class begins.

Location: Skateland Recreation Center
Res/Nonres: $24/$36

Date Day Time
Feb 1-Mar 8 F 5-5:45 PM
April 5-May 10 F 5-5:45 PM


Skyhawks Sports Classes

Skyhawks provides a wide variety of fun, safe and positive programs that teach lessons in sports and life, such as teamwork, respect and sportsmanship. Programs are designed to give each child a positive experience in sports while fostering a lifelong love for an active, healthy lifestyle. Coaches are experienced athletes providing athletic skill-building drills and activities that provide athletes with an overview of sports as well as more detailed fundamentals. Since 1979 Skyhawks has taught over one million boys and girls life lessons through sports.

Location: Heritage Crossing Field House
Res/Nonres: $60
Min/Max: 12/20

Super Tots Multi-Sports

Ages 3-4 years
Skyhawks coaches use age-appropriate, fun games to engage kids in a variety of sports. Depending on the surface and space available sports may include: basketball (dribbling, agility, passing), football, soccer and track.

Date Day Time
Jan 14-Feb 18 M 5-5:45 PM
Jan 17-Feb 21 TH 5-5:45 PM
Feb 25-Apr 1 M 5-5:45 PM
Feb 28-Apr 4 TH 5-5:45 PM
Apr 8-May 13 M 5-5:45 PM
Apr 11-May 16 TH 5-5:45 PM

Skyhawks Floor Hockey

Ages 4-5 years
Skyhawks Sports Floor Hockey is a program designed to teach hockey fundamentals. Skills worked on include stick handling, passing, shooting and of course learn in-game team strategies while playing actual hockey games. The final day of play features a round robin tournament. Skyhawk programs always provide a safe learning environment and encourage sportsmanship, respect, responsibility and of course having fun! The participant-to-coach ratio is approximately 10:1. All players receive a merit certificate! Participants must wear appropriate athletic clothing for the indoor gym.

Date Day  Time
Jan 14-Feb 18 M 6-6:45 PM
Jan 17-Feb 21 TH 6-6:45 PM

Skyhawks Soccer

Ages 4-5 years
Skyhawks was founded as a soccer club in 1979 for boys and girls. Thirty years later, we are still the number one choice for parents looking to introduce their children to the fundamentals of the world’s most popular sport. Using our progressional curriculum, our sport-specific coaches ensure your young athlete will gain the technical skills and sport knowledge required
for their next step into soccer. Designed for beginner and intermediate players, the class focuses on dribbling, passing, shooting, and ball control. Your child learn new life skills such as teamwork and sportsmanship, make new friends, and improve his or her sport skills.

Date Day Time
Feb 25-Apr 1 M 6-6:45 PM
Feb 28-Apr 4 TH 6-6:45 PM

Skyhawks T-Ball

Ages 4-5 years
Skyhawks Sports T-Ball is designed to teach boys and girls the fundamental skills of the game: fielding, catching, throwing, hitting, and base running while giving the athlete the exciting spirit of the game. Each athlete will learn basic skills in exercises tailored to individuals through tee hitting. These athletes will be equipped with the opportunity to succeed and will have fun all the way through.

Date Day Time
Apr 8-May 13 M 6-6:45 PM
Apr 11-May 16 TH 6-6:45 PM