Board of Commissioners

Robert J. Babich  (Member since 2015  |  Next election spring 2027)
Christopher J. Caldwell  (Member since 2013  |  Next election spring 2025)
Dennis P. Clower  (Member since 1981  |  Next election spring 2025)
Michael D. Geldean  (Member since 2017  |  Next election spring 2023)
Ronald D. Lehman  (Member since 1972  |  Next election spring 2027)

Park Board Meetings

The Board of Commissioners normally meet at 5:00 pm on the 4th Monday of the month at Arrowhead Community Center (24856 W Eames Street, Channahon). All meetings are open to the public. Call 815-467-7275 to confirm meeting dates and times

2021 Board Meeting Dates

January 23 (Board Retreat)
January 25
February 8 (Special Meeting)
February 22
March 22
April 26
May 6 (Special Meeting)
May 24
June 5 (Special Meeting)
June 28
July 26
August 23
September 27
October 25
November 22
December 20


The Channahon Park District is subject to the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Individuals with disabilities who plan to attend this meeting and who require certain accommodations in order to allow them to observe and/or participate in this meeting, or who have questions regarding accessibility of the meeting or facilities, are requested to contact Channahon Park District Executive Director Michael J. Leonard at 815-467-7275 or

Strategic Plan
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