If interested in a challenge ladder racquetball league, contact the Park District at 815-467-7275.

Arrowhead Community Center features 1 racquetball court.

Court Fees

20 Punch Racquetball Discount Card (primetime fees)
Fee – $130 • Resident Discount – $80

Fee Resident Discount
Racquetball Fees $7 $5
Wallyball Fees $28 $15

Wallyball is open during the same times as Racquetball.

Please bring in clean shoes with non-marking soles to play.


Court Reservations

Channahon Park District residents may reserve courts 7 days in advance with proof of residency. Nonresidents can reserve a court on the day of use. Courts are reserved for one hour periods, starting on the hour.


Permanent Court Times

Players have the opportunity to reserve permanent court time in accordance with the schedule listed below.

Session length: 17 weeks

Fee Resident Discount
Racquetball $203 $145
Wallyball $361 $217
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