Sk8 Zone Skate Park

SK8 Zone is located in Central Park and is open from dawn to dusk. Winter hours based on weather conditions.


Skate Park Warning & Safety Rules:

  • CAUTION: In-line skating and skateboarding activities are high risk recreational activities with inherent risk of serious injury.
  • The park is unsupervised and participants skate at their own risk.
  • Falls are likely to occur and can result in sprains, bruises, abrasions and more serious injuries.
  • It is strongly recommended that proper protective equipment be worn during these activities.
  • Skaters are responsible for inspecting equipment prior to use to ensure that it has not been vandalized and safe for skating. Do not use equipment if broken or wet. Contact the Park District if the equipment is damaged at 815-467-7275.
  • No personally owned ramps, rails or other devices are to be brought into the park.
  • Share the space. Be respectful of other skaters.
  • Persons not skating are prohibited from using the skating structures.
  • Help keep the park clean by putting trash in proper receptacles.
  • No glass objects or containers in the park.
  • No smoking, profanity or foul language.
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